This is where I'll be displaying my art commisions.

The first batch here is for an Exalted character. Read the Description here.

Done by Z Done by Jay Femme Shinichiri Apricots Tashichan
Jitsumi Eijirou Sach GBH Sonpi-Chan Charmingberry
Nickboxlive Orielle Kano Mrriight Orly Ravenpandora
Ravenpandora Pugnacious Banana Bananna Bell Geniusgirl Shagami Kamikutsu
Woefulinfinity Xyrulena Grey Lunarahye LuckyTaco o-_Shimizu-Mizuki_-o feena95

The second batch is for my Gaia avatar. Some are free images given to me for bumping, drawn to whatever I happen to be wearing at the time. The rest will be of these outfits:

Fang MidnightHybrid Xhandra Benign Poison Joke-Mus Shinichiri
Benign Poison Benign Poison
and Saria
Fuzzy Kitsune Apricots XxXAuroraXxX Rallirah
Waichin88 Forbidden Shadow Cynical Rose Tuesdayscat Niechan Tashichan
Ace The Artful Dodger Mussoh Deathpop Eijirou Emo Flask
shadowavi_101 ihavepants laueril chelshime smexxytoast rocky1
.Breast.Enhancements. angel387 HauntingEchoes EtchedSpirit Aneru ChildofWestWind
Done by Z

I have linked them to the places where I got the art.I will note that some of these are from before my break from Gaia, so I have forgotten where they come from. I just linked Gaia, and used the artist name, I think. Please feel free to correct those! If any of you guys would like it linked to a different place, just let me know and I'll change it.