This is the character description I've been giving to artists for portraits. It was originally written up back around Gencon '05 when my Exalted game master expressed a possible interest in getting a group picture done at the con.

There are some bits that are perhaps phrased poorly, and it's a bit on the cheesy side, but I decided to keep it the same every time in order to see the results when many different artists use one description.

Lessee...Kestral is a half-elf, about 5'6", with a rangy sort of frame from many years out roaming the wilderness in search of strange creatures and magics. She has straight red hair of the shade leaning more towards warm copper that frames her face starting just above her collar bone and angling back to mostly cover the nape of her neck. Her slightly tilted almond eyes are the color of a clear blue autumn sky and often look off towards the horizon, or twinkle with wickedness as her mouth quirks into a one-sided grin. She tends to wear clothing that would move easily in the wilderness, but not native-style gear. More plain, tough pants in shades of black, grey, khaki or denim-style blue, good boots that go about to the knee, and a loose blouse of some sort. Something like a combination of pirate blouse, musketeer, and modern day button down shirt, usually in creme, or a shade of blue a bit lighter than her eyes. Beneath that, she wears the Armor of the Ebon Dragon (I think I remembered the name right) which is bonded to her bones and is therefore skin tight. The armor goes from feet to neck, stopping at the hands; it was made from the scales or an ebon dragon, but the gm describes it as almost chitinous. Kesstral usually tries to keep it covered by her clothes. Most often seen strapped to her back is her Daiklaive, a sword almost as tall as she is made from Ancient First age Glass. As much as these huge blades can be, this one is built for speed. She loves to wear impressive capes and currently favors one created by Marcus(another character who can make cloth out of precious stones) made from Blue Goldstone (deep midnight blue with silver sparkles like stars). As for headgear, while she currently lacks a helmet she does like to wear a hat reminiscent of the aussie outback-style, though not with the side folded up, in soft black leather with a few unusual feathers from gryphons and such in the hatband. She does favor feathers made into jewelry, but discreetly; no wild headdresses or feathered fringes. In all she tries to present a very understated, efficient, and elegant image.

For game-type info, her auro when she spends a lot of essence is a giant gryphon. She is an Eclipse caste exalt, and the pilot of a diamond airship from the first age. currently she acts as a trader, and mercenary type, and protects her home city from abyssals.

Hmm....anything else you'd want to know, or clarify?