As some people may know, I have a large collection of pictures from L5R events and related gatherings dating back to 1999. Unfortunately, due to a hardware crash on my provider's part, many of those files are now not online. I still have them kicking about on my two old computers.
The problem with that, is they're ancient Macs with no zip or usb possibilities. I don't even know for sure if the one can handle a dsl connection. So the only means of transfering the pictures back onto the web is by floppy.

Very tedious.

Which is why I still haven't gotten that part of my page back up. However, in the meantime, I and many others have still been taking pictures. There's really no excuse other than laziness for those to not be up.

And so....I give you the temporary picture linkage page.

Tanuki Salon and Yards

Gencon: The Lost Year

Knoxville Kotei 2015

Chicago/Indy Kotei 2015

Philly Kotei 2015

KC Bride Tourneys

Gencon 2015

Detroit Kotei 2014

Albuquerque Kotei

Chicagoland Kotei

Atlantic City Kotei

Grove City Kotei

St. Louis Kotei

Gencon 2014

Tanukifest 2014

Gencon 2013

Tanukifest 2013

Topaz 2013

Gencon 2012

Gencon 2011

Gencon 2010

Topaz '09-'10

Gencon 2009

The St. Louis Kotei

The Toledo Kotei

Hiruma Ayslyn's Mass Kotei Pics

The Cincinnati Kotei

Topaz 2008/2009

The Samurai Championships

Gencon 2008

The Lost Legends Storyline

The Blessings of P'an Ku Storyline

The Toledo Kotei

The St. Louis Kotei

The Green Bay Kotei

Topaz 2007

Gencon 2007

Origins 2007

Gencon 2006

Origins 2006

Pictures from (after) the Chicago Kotei

Pictures from the Detroit, Columbus, and Green Bay koteis in 2006

Nakura's Detroit Kotei Pics

Gencon 2005

Ling's Origins Pictures

The Toronto Kotei 2005

The Indiana Kotei 2005

Amanda's Cruise Pics

Origins 2004

The Indiana Kotei

The St. Louis Kotei

Lee's Toronto Kotei Pictures

Lee's Vegas Kotei Pictures

The Yu Tournement 2004

My Gencon Pics

Ling's Origins 2003 Pics

Kristy's Phoenix Kotei 2003

Kristy's Everything to Gain and Seattle pictures from 2003

Topaz and NYE

My Gencon Pictures

The 2002 New Jersey Kotei

A New Legacy

A Detroit Tournament

Gencon 2001

The Detroit Cash Tourney 2001

Colson's Indiana Kotei 2001

Gencon 2000

Origins 2000

The "Not a Kotei" Kotei

Abandoning the Fortunes: Normal 3

The Second Bloomington-Normal Tourney

The Toys for Tots Tournament

Gencon 1999